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When tax gets a bit more complicated!

Sometimes calculating your tax can throw up a lot of complex issues. This is when you need someone who is really well versed in the world of Tax.

Talk to our leading tax experts and let them resolve your problems.

When your situation is more complex than usual, we can help you understand your tax position clearly and make informed decisions.
Non-residence and offshore tax

Over the years we have helped a number of clients who have needed advice about managing this aspect of their tax affairs.

Sometimes they are people who live abroad but have assets in the UK which they have to report to HMRC; others are people who work abroad some of the time and need to know how this affects their UK tax situation; another category is people who are either moving abroad or returning to the UK who need advice in order to to achieve this accurately, legally and tax efficiently.

HMRC enquiries

These enquiries have become more frequent in recent years as HMRC increasingly uses information it’s able to obtain as a means of checking the completeness and accuracy of individuals’ and businesses’ Tax Returns.

If mistakes have been made, whether intentional or not, there is a comprehensive penalty regime which HMRC does not hesitate to use. We have vast experience in handling these enquiries for clients to ensure the best possible outcome – our track record speaks for itself.

R&D and film tax credits

There are various schemes in place to provide incentives for investment in specific projects and specialist advice will maximise the tax benefits that can be obtained. We have developed expertise in these areas and can assist you in making the right decisions.

Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS)

We have helped many companies in structuring their share capital to enable them to qualify for EIS and SEED EIS relief and in obtaining HMRC approval of their proposed activities.

This means that people who invest in these companies can get tax relief on their investments.

Pension tax relief & excess charges

The rules surrounding pension tax relief are constantly changing and in recent years many individuals, especially those in occupational pension schemes, been caught out by excess charges, which mean you are paying tax now on pensions you haven’t received yet!

We can help you ensure that you are claiming all the relief to which you are entitled, which may involve reviewing several years’ tax calculations.


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